Investor Summit Liechtenstein & Winner of a Tissot

The Investor Summit Liechtenstein was held for the sixth time this year, with the goal of connecting promising startups with experienced investors. The core of the event was the ten startup presentations, which, besides WatchAdvisor, included startups such as Reachbird and Book A Tiger. Our Co-Founder & President Valerij Stepanov held a seven-minute presentation elaborating our product and market opportunity, which was perceived very well by the audience.

31 Baselworld 2017 novelties that really impressed me.

Why 31? That´s the number I counted when finishing my choice and putting the story together.  Please do not expect a product listing of ticking superlatives here or a ranking of the most expensive / crazy watches. What I will show you instead are watches that really impressed me - 31 in total. Either through their good and cool design, technical realization, impeccable quality and/or reasonable price.